Subtronics portable metal detector


Subtronics has launched a door frame metal detector, the DFMD-05, for use where a high level of security is needed, such as at the entrances of banks, hospitals, schools, at special events, transportation terminals, court houses, corporate offices, historical landmarks and other high security areas.

Features and USP: The door frame metal detector produces an audio visual alarm if the person passing through is carrying any metallic (ferrous and non-ferrous) objects. Its bar graph display allows the viewer to judge the volume of metal carried, and even the audio tone varies according to the mass of metal. It has user selectable sensitivity levels ranging from 0 to 9. Three additional LEDs help in determining the level of metal carried in terms of low, medium and high. In addition, its battery backup system allows the metal detector to operate for 5 hours even after the mains fail. It is entirely portable.

For further details: Subtronics (India) Pvt Ltd, Unit No 147, Kaliandas Udyog Bhavan, Near Century Bazaar, Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400025; Ph: 022-24224461; Fax: 022-24303047; Email: [email protected], [email protected]; Website:



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