Pick-and-place machines for LED manufacturing


Home-Splash_SMTAs the demand for LEDs increases across the country, manufacturers are seeking the best pick-and-place machines available

The market for LEDs in the country is growing at a brisk pace and this has led to many manufacturers targeting this segment. One of the keys to manufacturing LEDs is the use of SMT pick-and-place machines. In the last one year, the Indian prime minister has been quite vocal about the ‘Make in India’ initiative and this has led to many investors coming to India. The LED segment is the focus of not only the central government, but also the state governments. This has led to the growth of pick-and-place machines in the LED manufacturing industry. Here we present some of the new pick-and-place machines that are being launched by various companies.

SamsungModel: SLM120, Brand: Samsung, Manufacturer: Samsung, South Korea

The SLM 120 LED production system is the world’s first LED mounter capable of realising simultaneous pickup with one feeder, according to the company.


Key features:

  • Simultaneous pickup with one feeder.
  • Placement speed: 39,000 cph (under optimum conditions).
  • Applicable parts: 0603(0201) ~ 32mm (part height=8.5mm).
  • Applicable to super-large boards (LxW): Max. 1,200mm x 356mm.
  • Machine size (LxD): 1,650mm x 1,200mm.
  • Non-stop recognition on account of Flying Vision System.
  • Reinforced convenience function specifically for LED manufacture.
  • Built-in tape cutter (optional).
  • Motorised feeder specifically for LEDs.
  • Head with variable pitch.
  • Reinforced applicability to long boards (maximum length of 1,200mm).
  • Applicable to parallel arrangement of machines.
  • Simultaneous placement of two PCBs.
  • Function for automatic arrangement of placement points in the machine.
  • LED flip-over check function.
  • LED rank management system.
  • Part misplacement prevention (rank alarm function).
  • Automatic feeder link and advanced alarm function.

Contact details: Pradeep Tandon; Ph: +91-9810001345; Email: [email protected]; www.samsung-smt.com
India distributor: Samsung C&T India

Model: L8, Brand: Beijing Torch Co, Manufacturer: Beijing Torch Co

The L8 is an LED placement machine that can seamlessly connect with a fully automatic stencil printer and reflow oven. The machine has the ability to function with LED circuit boards at high-volume assembly lines. Other features of the machine include high speed and high accuracy. The machine has a board driving system that uses a high precision stepper motor driving industrial belt, which works in sync with a precision guide-rail to achieve improved placement accuracy and board driving speed. The L8’s mounting head driving system uses a servo motor, together with a high precision ball screw to complete the LED component picking-and-placing sequence. The machine has visual programming which is done automatically without any manual input. The programming in the machine is simple and easy to learn even for beginners.

SMT-LED-Pick-and-Place-Machine-with-8-Head-L8a-TORCH-Key features:

  • Different-sized feeders can meet different requirements in LED mounting.
  • Cost-effective LED chip machine is most suitable for high-volume LED production.
  • The whole machine is controlled by an industrial computer with enterprise software, which is easy to operate and use.
  • Easy to import the CAD data of the circuit board.
  • Stable and easy to complete the programming and placement of the LED panel board.
  • Panel board coordinates can be displayed in the software, and the fine adjustment for these coordinates can achieve high-precision placement.
  • The space on the panel board can be set in the software; all component placing coordinates will be shown according to the space on the panel board, and the panels that need not be mounted can be selected and removed.
  • PCB platform has vacuum absorb function, which can help position large-sized PCB boards accurately.
  • Software can automatically achieve 6/8 mounting head functions.
  • Software increases the XYZ axes detection limit when moved.
  • Software improves the multi-grade speed-changing function; users can check out the best speed setting according to the distance shown in the check sheet and adjust the speed accordingly, which can increase the stability for long time usage.

Contact details: #782, 3rd Main, 1st Cross, 5th Phase, BEML Layout, Rajarajeswari Nagar, Bengaluru 560098; Ph: +91-80-28611871/1801; Fax: +91-80-28612021; Email: [email protected]  India distributor: Accurex Solutions Pvt Ltd

Model: M10, Brand: iPulse, Manufacturer: Yamaha Motors, Japan

The M10 has one of the largest installed bases among the pick-and-place machines from Yamaha Motors, Japan. It is one of the most preferred machines for LED board assembly because of its innovative features.

iPulseKey features:

  • 25 micron placement accuracy – supposedly the best in the industry, with digital vision recognition.
  • Component handling capability from 01005 all the way up to 120 x 90 mm size including ICs, BGAs, flip-chip, etc.
  • Can place all types and shapes of LED components including glass lenses.
  • Programmable placement force control with closed loop feedback.
  • Laser PCB warpage detection and programme correction feature, which is unique to this machine.
  • Choice of pneumatic and smart electronic feeders (tape, stick, tray, etc).
  • Optional dispensing head to dispense solder paste, glue, epoxy, etc.

Contact details: Suresh Nair, Navi Mumbai; Ph: +91-98207-09940 ;India distributor: Leaptech Corporation

Model: Topaz, Brand: Topaz, Manufacturer: Philips

Topaz is a refurbished multi-function pick-and-place machine from Philips. It is part of Philips’ top-of-the-line GemLine SMD pick-and-place machines. The Topaz is a flexible, medium volume chip-shooter that can handle a wide range of components at speeds up to 14,000 SMDs per hour. The machine is built around a very rigid, vibration-free frame for improved accuracy and long-term stability. It is perfectly suitable for round-the-clock production.

TopazKey features:

  • Single placement beam with 8 heads.
  • 14,000cph placement speed.
  • Standard line sensor camera for vision-on-the-fly.
  • Standard area CCD camera for fiducial alignment.
  • Optional CCD camera to extend the component range to 32mm² with lead pitch down to 20 mils.
  • Standard board handling: 457mm x 407mm.
  • Upgraded board handling of 600mm x 407mm in single pass.
  • Upgraded board handling of 1200mm x 407mm in double pass.
  • 100 feeder positions.
  • Tape, tray and stick feeder handling. 

Contact details: No-04, 2nd Floor, National Arcade, Plot No. 04, Block No. E-13, Gazipur, Delhi 110096; Ph: 120 4284 733;
Email: [email protected]India distributor: Prosem Technology India Pvt Ltd

Model: pFlex36, Brand: Prosem, Manufacturer: Prosem

The pFlex36 is considered as one of the most economical and efficient SMT pick-and-place machines from Prosem. It is especially designed for LED modules, drivers, remote controlled toys, and other small PCBs.

Prosem pFlex36Key features:

  • High placement repeatability and accuracy.
  • Dual head placement.
  • Rigid PCB positioning system.
  • High part number handling.
  • Table top feature.
  • Extremely economical.
  • Automatic peel-off tape collection.
  • 7,200cph placement speed.
  • Laser pointer for accurate coordinate teaching. 

Contact details: No-04, 2nd Floor, National Arcade, Plot No. 04, Block No. E-13, Gazipur, Delhi 110096; Ph: 120 4284 733; Email: [email protected]India distributor: Prosem Technology India Pvt Ltd

Model: LD812V4/LD812W3/LD806V6/LD806W3, Brand: Autotronik, Manufacturer: Autotronik-SMT GmbH, Germany

This is supposedly one of the most used pick-and-place machines in the LED manufacturing domain, primarily due to the machine’s ability to do real-time monitoring on a screen, enabling operators to preview the production process, speed and quantity.

fully_automatic_pick_and_place_machine2Key features:

  • True vision-on-the-fly alignment.
  • Fiducial recognition and coordinate correction.
  • Assembles LED boards up to 1200mm long in a single pass (option for 1800 mm length).
  • Positive air puffing at the pick-up nozzle ensures release of ‘sticky’ LED components during placement.
  • Large working platform allows production of multiple PCBs in one stage (for the same type of PCB).
  • Uninterrupted production by auto-selection for alternative PCB when feeder is empty.
  • High-precision ball screw drive.
  • Tape feeder allows tape connection to minimise production interruption.
  • Heavy-duty welded frame provides stability for precision placements even at high speeds.
  • Optional Teflon nozzle available for sticky LED components; customised nozzle available on request.
  • Three heads for high placement rates.

Contact details: S. No. 43/3, New Gate No. 322, Plot No. 1, Pirangut Taluk, Mulshi District, Pune-412115; Ph: 020-32501000; Email: [email protected]; www.emstonline.com; India distributor: EMST Marketing Pvt Ltd


By Atanu Kumar Das