Pick and place machine


Agate & Agate Marketing Resources Pvt Ltd offers EM series of pick and place machines in India launched in July 2012.

Features and USP: These provide pick and place functions, especially for LED assembly and long length PCBs of up to 1200 mm, which are typically used in LED tubelights. The Evest EM series of pick and place machines are full vision centring machines that use six vision systems and more than 12 types of feeding systems. They also use high end optimising software. All the X, Y and Z axes use the rugged ball screw mechanism that is driven by AC servo motors with a closed loop feedback function ensuring the best accuracy of component placement. Its mounting speed of 13,500 CPH (IPC 9850) and rated speed of 18,000 CPH ensures the capability to handle medium volume production to high volume production.

For further details: Ph: 020 25469864, 25469865; [email protected]; www.smt-india.com



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