Optomec Upgrades Aerosol Jet Print Engine With Eight-Hour Runtime

  • The upgrade will be ideal for high-volume 3D advanced semiconductor packaging
  • The print engine will be sold as a production and separate scalable solution
Optomec Aerosol Jet Engine ( pic credit- Businesswire)

According to a report by Businesswire, additive manufacturing company Optomec has upgraded its Aerosol Jet print engine and it will be able to operate with an uninterrupted eight-hour runtime says the company. It says that this upgrade will help to meet the need of current and next-generation electronics manufacturing in different industries.

Bryan Germann, product manager, Aerosol Jet, said, “This advancement, along with Aerosol Jet’s material deposition versatility, make the system ideal for high-volume 3D advanced semiconductor packaging, as well as manufacturing of 3D antenna, sensors, and circuitry. The solution is enabling for a wide range of smart mobile devices, automotive and medical applications as well as a host of other electronics and wearable products.”

Production solution for 3D printed electronics applications

Optomec says the upgrade will lead to high stability for printed line width and line-height and enhanced electrical performance. It also says it will offer the Aerosol Jet technology as a complete production solution for 3D printed electronics applications. The print engine will also be sold separately as a scalable solution.



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