Optical inspection systems for error-free, high volume production


Home-Splash_SMTAutomatic or automated optical inspection is an important technique used in the manufacture and testing of PCBs. This advanced technology enables quick and accurate inspection of electronic assemblies for specific PCBs to ensure that the final product achieves high quality standards and complies with the customer’s requirements

With the constant evolution of technology, manufacturers have been able to design and build automated optical inspection (AOI) systems that detect faults and respond faster to ensure speedy correction, ultimately resulting in an error-free production line. Since high volumes of quality products need to be manufactured quickly today, reliable and fast inspection methods are needed to ensure that product quality remains consistent..

CyberOpticsModel: SQ3000, Brand: CyberOptics, Manufacturer: CyberOptics Pte Ltd, Singapore

The SQ3000 is powered by CyberOptics’ breakthrough 3D sensing technology comprising four multi-view 3D sensors and a parallel projector delivering high-grade accuracy at production speeds. SQ3000 offers the revolutionary MRS technology by precisely identifying and rejecting reflections caused by shiny components and reflective solder joints. AI² (autonomous image interpretation) technology keeps it simple with no parameters to adjust or algorithms to tune. The CyberReport offers full-fledged machine-to-factory SPC capability, with powerful historical analysis and reporting tools delivering complete traceability for process verification and yield improvement.


Key features:

  • Fastest 3D inspection in the industry, as per company claims
  • Good 3D results with multi-reflection suppression technology
  • Accurate pin height/package co-planarity measurement
  • Microscopic image quality at production speeds
  • Simple and quick programming with AI² technology
  • Maximum inspection area: 510mm x 510mm
  • PCB thickness: 0.3mm – 5 mm

Contact details: Ph: +65 6744 3021, [email protected], www.cyberoptics.com
India distributor: Maxim SMT Technologies Pvt Ltd

Omron-S730-PictureModel: VT-S730, Brand: Omron, Manufacturer: Omron Corporation Ltd

The VT-ST730 provides an efficient improvement cycle ensuring high-quality product output and it minimises quality costs. This encourages quality improvement initiatives. It ensures constraint-free design and meets the market’s need for compact-sized AOI systems that are also lightweight. This system enables quality control during the PCB production process, and aids efforts in process improvement with the post-reflow quality as the starting point. The system is suitable for inspecting diffusing surfaces such as component bodies and leads.

Key features:

  • Auto generation of inspection programs
  • Solder and component shapes can be simultaneously measured
  • Reduction in the secondary reflection and shadow interference
  • Incorporated oblique viewing camera
  • Land position recognition and correction performed for individual image screen
  • Real-time checking for pass rates and real fault rates
  • Detection of wettability with no lead lifting

Contact details: Ph: +81 36718 3550, www.omron.co.in
India distributor: Leaptech Corporation

Nordson-YESTECH-FX-94050595Model: FX-940, Brand: Nordson, Manufacturer: Nordson YESTECH

The FX-940 offers high-speed PCB inspection with one top-down viewing camera, four side-viewing cameras and 3D inspection. This system inspects solder joints and verifies correct part assembly, enabling users to improve quality and increase throughput. The FX-940 utilises a standard package library to simplify training and ensure program portability across manufacturing lines. Advanced fusion lighting and newly available image processing technology integrates several techniques, including 3D inspection, colour inspection, normalised correlation and rule-based algorithms, to provide complete inspection coverage with a low false failure rate.

Key features:

  • Proprietary megapixel colour imaging
  • Capture on-the-fly technology
  • One top-down and four side-angle cameras
  • Quick set-up for high speed operations
  • High defect coverage with low false failure
  • Digital fringe projection 3D inspection
  • Multi-function system with top-down viewing
  • Dual direction auto width conveyor

Contact details: Ph: +1 760 9188471, [email protected], www.nordsonyestech.com
India distributor: Nordson India Pvt Ltd

By: Anwesh Koley