One shot image checker-AOI


Kyoritsu Test System, Japan, has launched in July 2011 its super speed, super easy in operation in-line AOI model Focus-6000 IA. It is most suitable for screening of SMT components and AI PCBAS from manufacturing defects.

Features & USP: Focus-6000IA involves no practical programming. The one shot possible image acquisition of a frame size is w 173 MMX D 260 mm and run inspection by the company’s original method of quick comparison algorithm which compare the registered good images with inspection image, and it makes the inspection data preparation possible in several minutes even by the operator. The system employs a SLR camera of 18 million pixels resolution and high brightness led lighting. This new system allows to check component missing, polarity, shift and different colour, letter code, colour code of resistor; extra material/bridging, compare colour, dimension square measure, blob and tip parts mount position. It can take a PCB size of minimum 50 mm x 50 mm and maximum 250 mm x 330 mm. It is available in in-line and desktop versions.

For further details: Ph: 0250 2024668; Fax: 0250 2471678; [email protected], [email protected];



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