Omega Seiki Mobility Teams Up With Orbitsys For EV Dealership Services


This collaboration will enable OSM to develop a comprehensive cloud-based system, crafted by Orbitsys Technologies, aimed at enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in the daily operations of EV dealerships.

Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) and Orbitsys Technologies have entered into a strategic collaboration for the implementation of the Dealer Management System (DMS). This partnership combines the advanced software capabilities of Orbitsys DMS with the industry-leading electric vehicles produced by OSM, offering dealers an advanced toolkit for exceptional performance in both sales and service sectors.

The alliance aims to develop a comprehensive, cloud-based solution engineered by Orbitsys Technologies that will significantly enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness in the daily management of EV dealerships, as stated in a media release. This partnership also introduces numerous advantages including enhanced data integration and the ability to handle a higher volume of data reporting. This enhancement allows the organization to generate a greater number of records per second.

Furthermore, the dealers under OSM will benefit from rapid access to information, resulting in markedly quicker response times. OSM is also positioned to expand its newly launched Passenger Vehicle range and introduce 1-ton and 3.5-tonne E-Trucks as market demands increase while maintaining operational flexibility through the use of Orbitsys’s Dealer Management software.

This DMS is crucial for supporting both electric passenger and commercial vehicles. It plays a key role in managing inventory capacities and spare parts and acts as a central platform for aggregating customer feedback, as mentioned in the release.

Uday Narang, the Founder and Chairman of Omega Seiki Mobility, stated that the dealer management system (DMS) market for electric vehicles in India is rapidly growing as the country moves towards more sustainable transportation options. With more than 200 dealerships across the nation, Omega Seiki Mobility is aiming to make a major impact in retail. Narang emphasized the importance of adopting a high-quality, technology-driven DMS to improve service offerings and expand market reach. This decision was influenced by feedback from dealers who indicated a need for more sophisticated DMS solutions customized to their needs.

Gurbinder Dhillon, the Founder of Orbitsys, expressed excitement about the new strategic partnership with Omega Seiki Mobility. He highlighted that introducing a digitally supported and fully integrated Dealer Management System to Omega Seiki’s extensive dealer network marks a significant step. As a prominent player in the electric vehicle (EV) sector, Omega Seiki is known for its continual evolution and commitment to offering a diverse range of high-quality products both in India and internationally. Dhillon affirmed that this collaboration aims to revolutionize the automotive sales and service sectors, focusing on efficiency and customer satisfaction.


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