Now MP has five ‘Green’ solar railway stations


Bhopal’s rail division has decided to opt for clean energy to generate power for its five stations, and these have been designated as ‘green’, as they would be meeting their entire electricity requirement through solar power. These five stations are Badarwas, Kolaras, Shivpuri, Mohna and Panihar. This change in mindset is helping the division save a substantial amount of money, which was earlier being paid as electricity charges, officials said.

“We are saving about Rs 40,000 each per month by turning these stations into ‘Green Stations’. Their entire electricity requirement is being generated by tapping solar energy,” newly appointed Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) Rajiv Choudhary said.

A five KW solar power plant each has been established at these stations through which 800 AH (Ampere Hour) batteries, which were charged. These batteries, through an inverter, supply adequate power to the station to meet their requirement. To further save power, advance T-5 fittings, LED lamps and CFL lights were being used at these stations, he said.

Railway stations, running on solar power is a step in the right direction. The sort of power that these stations consume, can be used to power millions of homes. The state has encouraged other cities to follow their action and the government should make sure to encourage states with attractive pricing schemes and affordable equipment.


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