Nokia, Citymesh Partner To Deploy Emergency Services Drones In Belgium

Nokia will deploy 70 drones across 35 emergency zones in Belgium.
  • Nokia will deploy 70 drones across 35 emergency zones in Belgium.
  • The drones will be managed by five operation centres to relay information to first responder teams about emergency incidents. 

Nokia has partnered with Belgian telecom operator Citymesh to provide the latter with the Nokia Drone Networks platform with 70 Drone-in-a-Box (DiaB) units to strengthen Belgian emergency services.

The project, called SENSE, will see the deployment of 70 drones across 35 emergency zones in the country. They will be managed by five centralised operations centres. The drones are equipped with video and thermal cameras, which will be used to relay information in real time to emergency service personnel.

They will gather information about emergency incidents taking place anywhere in the country within 15 minutes of the first call regarding the incident, to apprise and equip first responder teams to respond to each unique situation. 

“Our 5G-connected drone platform is a logical extension of our leadership in building nationwide wireless networks. Nokia Drone Networks is a game-changer for the operational efficiency of first responders and data security. Enabled by Nokia MX Industrial Edge (MXIE), it ensures that collected data is stored locally and stays under the full control of authorities,” said Thomas Eder, head of embedded wireless solutions, at Nokia.

The deployment follows successful drone trials conducted earlier this year by Citymesh alongside the Fluvia Fire Brigade in Kortrijk, Brussels Airport Company, the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, and the city of Genk.

“SENSE is a great example of how technology can save lives. We’ve been impressed with Nokia as our partner for reliable wireless connectivity and an outstanding turnkey Drone-in-a-Box solution that we can customise to our specific needs,” said Hans Similon, General Manager of Citymesh Safety Drone. “Together, we’re making Belgium safer and proving just how innovative we are as a nation.”



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