Nissan turns a new leaf: India-bound electric car unveiled


Nissan’s Leaf has just been unveiled in Japan. The good news, however, is Nissan’s promise to bringing the Leaf to India.

And now with the Indian government trying to get only electric cars on the road by 2030, the plan just got real. According to media reports, the Leaf has had a lot more technology added to it, compared to the older car and it gets a bump up in range too – it can now go 400 km on a single charge, which takes about 16 hours with a household connection (3 kW) or 8 hours with a high-power connection (6 kW).

Nissan had showcased the earlier Leaf in 2014 in India, but the new Leaf has a better built. It comes with 38 percent more power, putting out 110 kW or 147 bhp of power and 26 percent more torque at 320 Nm.


Add to that, the Leaf gets three new features that makes it fall in line with future electric car needs. The first being e-Pedal. The e-Pedal allows for single-pedal driving in normal traffic conditions. Basically, one has to press the accelerator pedal to move forward and when you lift off the pedal, it automatically brakes and can come to a standstill. You still have to use the regular brake pedal if you want to brake harder.

Other features include LED lighting and Nissan’s Connect infotainment system.

The Leaf runs on Lithium ion batteries and has been completely redesigned to look sharper and less bulbous than the previous Leaf. It is a hatchback that can seat five adults.

It is likely to be priced at Rs 3 million if it comes to India, slightly lower than the estimated price of the Tesla Model 3, which should be unveiled in India by 2019.



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