NI’s wireless sensor network gateway


National Instruments has announced in March 2011 that its two new products, NI 9792 and NI WSN 322, can extend communication and measurement capabilities of NI wireless sensor network (WSN) platform.

Features and USP: The new NI 9792 is a programmable WSN gateway that can communicate with NI WSN measurement nodes as well as other hardware through a variety of open communication standards. The gateway combines an NI LabVIEW real time controller and an integrated WSN radio so that LabVIEW real time applications can run locally on the gateway to aggregate data from NI WSN devices, making the NI 9792 ideal for embedded, wireless data logging applications. Additionally, the new NI WSN-3226 voltage/resistance temperature detector (RTD) combination node extends the measurement capabilities of the NI WSN platform to include support for resistance based measurements such as RTDs and potentiometers and provides engineers and scientists the ability to combine voltage and temperature measurements on a single NI WSN device. NI WSN products are ideal for long term data logging and remote monitoring in the applications of environmental, energy, building and structural health monitoring. NI 9792 is priced at Rs 93,000 and NI WSN-3226 at Rs 40,700.

For further details: NI Systems India Pvt Ltd, 81/1 and 82/1, Salarpuria Softzone, Wing B, 5th Floor, Block ‘A’, Bellandur, Varthur Hobli, Bengaluru 560103; Ph:+91-80-41190000; Fax: +91-80 41190010; Email: [email protected]; Website:



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