Nielsen to undertake a study for ESDM brand building


AC Nielsen ORG MARG has been entrusted to undertake a study on ‘Communications Need Assessment’ for ESDM brand building and to promote India as a preferred investment destination for the sector.

AC Nielsen would, as part of this study will contact various stakeholders spread across ESDM verticals and at different steps in manufacturing and value/ supply chain. It will also reach out to academia and consumers across various cities/ rural areas in India.

Information collected will be used to develop insights on ESDM ‘Made in India’ Brand and arrive at the key desired response and mediums to be used to establish the brand though a mass media campaign.

The study, which is expected to take four months, was formally kicked off with a meeting in DeitY on Research Methodology to undertake the study. The outcome of the study will be used to draw plan for execution as a mass media campaign to establish ESDM brand.



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