Investing $150 billion, NexGen Energia plans to roll out 5,000 green diesel and CBG pumps over the next ten years, revolutionising India’s sustainable energy solutions.

Noida-based green energy solutions company NexGen Energia announces a $150 billion investment to establish 5,000 green diesel and compressed biogas (CBG) pumps over the next ten years. Each pump costs around $30 million.

This initiative creates approximately 5,000 new entrepreneurs and provides direct and indirect employment to over 1 million people. It supports a 30% reduction in fuel imports and helps make India self-reliant in the green energy sector. This significant expansion attracts substantial investment into the Indian economy and spurs economic growth.

The Noida-based company, NexGen Energia, also plans to expand into electric vehicles with affordable two-wheelers and upcoming electric trucks and buses. The company envisions going beyond providing clean fuel by actively building a robust infrastructure for a sustainable transportation future in India.

NexGen Energia aims to achieve $5 billion in revenue this fiscal year and establish over 500 dealers and distributors. This expansion creates around 50,000 jobs in the EV sector and enhances sustainable mobility solutions across the country.


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