New LED fixture provides better, more efficient lighting for fuel canopies


Saturday, December 21, 2013: A new energy-efficient LED light fixture offers outdoor canopy owners significant energy savings along with improved lighting that can help to attract customers to their locations. The QCF LED gas canopy fixture from Precision-Paragon [P2] is designed as a direct replacement for 400-watt metal halide or 320-watt high pressure sodium fixtures in outdoor canopies.

One of the fixture’s key advantages is its ease of installation. In many applications, the low profile QCF will work as a direct replacement for commonly used metal halide or high pressure sodium lighting. Unlike many competing products, the QCF is designed to mount flush in the existing canopy, without the need for costly modifications.

“We developed the QCF with a remote driver and electronic module, so that it can be flush-mounted in many existing canopies without modification,” said Russell Price, director of engineering at [P2]. “It’s easier to mount in more applications, and more locations.”

Using just 141 watts, the QCF offers a 69% energy savings when replacing a common 458-watt metal halide fixture, or a 62% energy savings when replacing a common 368-watt high pressure sodium fixture. Since many gas station canopies can be lit 24 hours per day, the energy savings will add up quickly.

For example, a single gas canopy with 24 existing 458-watt metal halide fixtures that underwent an energy-efficient lighting retrofit with QCF fixtures could expect to reduce energy consumption by more than 67,900 kWh per year. That energy usage reduction would, on average, generate more than $6,800 per year in cost savings.

For many gas station owners, the lighting quality of the QCF will be even more attractive than its cost savings. In its default configuration, the QCF produces even, white lighting that will make any gas station stand out to passing drivers.

“From the highway, drivers will be attracted by the white light of the QCF,” said Jolene Kmetz, national sales and marketing at [P2]. “But the fixtures are designed to have low glare, so customers will experience pleasant and attractive fuel pump lighting.”

The QCF also exhibits long lifespans, significantly increasing maintenance intervals and reducing maintenance costs.

The QCF was primarily designed for petroleum canopies at gas stations and truck stops, but is also a good choice for other covered and open-air canopy applications like retail and campus walkways. The fixture is rated for high-pressure washdown and delivers between 103 and 108 lumens per watt. In applications where flush mounting is not appropriate, the QCF is available in a surface-mount configuration.

The QCF is available immediately from Precision-Paragon [P2] in a variety of DLC-listed configurations. Interested lighting professionals and business owners should call (714) 386-5550 to learn more, or visit