New launches: multimeters


Here’s a quick glimpse at the latest multimeters launched in the past six months. While some key companies have introduced new multimeters during this period, others like Tektronix, Scientech Technologies and Scientific Mes Technik have not launched anything new


Industrial grade TRMS multimeters

In May 2012, The Motwane Manufacturing Company launched its M Series of industrial grade digital multimeters.


Features and USP: The M63 is a versatile industrial grade multimeter with CE and CAT IV 600 V safety ratings. It complies with 61010-1-2010 safety standards and is IP 54 protected. It is built to work in the energy intensive and toughest environments without compromising on performance. It comes with a 6000 count LCD display with a pleasant white backlight. It has auto ranging, apart from TRMS AC voltage and current measurement.

The M65 is another multimeter in the same series. It is a dual display TRMS DMM with high accuracy of 0.25 per cent. With a 6000 count LCD display, it comes with auto ranging, TRMS AC voltage and current measurement. It also offers a 60 positions analogue bar graph for trend indication.

For further details: Gyan Baug, Nashik Road, Nashik 422101, Maharashtra; Ph: 91 253 2463752/53; [email protected];




Digital multimeters

In May 2012, Mastech launched the MS 8218 digital multimeter.

Features and USP: The high accuracy and multifunctional MS8218 professional digital multimeter comes with USB connectivity, which means it has a PC interface. Along with a large 50,000 count LCD display, it is available in auto and manual mode, while its ACV and DCV measurements reach up to 1000 V. It has root mean square measuring capabilities (true RMS), a digital display with 50 segment analogue scale and can be calibrated via software.

For further details: Metro Electronics Products (distributor for Mastech), 355, Old Lajpat Rai Market, Chandni Chowk, Delhi 110006; (+91 11) 23868195, 47508195, 23875355; [email protected];




Intrinsically safe digital multimeters

In May 2012, Fluke Corporation launched 28II Ex, an intrinsically safe digital multimeter that meets IS standards worldwide for safe measurements in dangerous environments.

Features and USP: Fluke 28II Ex is a rugged device used in the toughest environment. It is drop proof up to three metres (9.8 feet) with a totally sealed, IP 67 rated case for complete protection against dust and water. It can withstand hazardous 8000 V spikes, caused by load switching and faults on industrial circuits. It is highly accurate and reliable, providing all the test and troubleshooting power necessary for accurate measurements inside or outside potentially explosive areas. 28II Ex features a high resolution 20,000 count display. It has true RMS AC voltage and current for accurate measurement on non-linear signals. It measures up to 1000 V and 10A AC and DC. Its low pass filter ensures accurate voltage and frequency measurements on variable speed motor drives. The battery lasts up to 800 hours and the separate battery compartment makes it easy to change batteries or fuses on the job without jeopardising the meter’s IS or IP ratings, which might otherwise require sending the unit for servicing.

For further details: TTL Technologies Pvt Ltd (distributor for Fluke), S1, Nebula, 8, Jyothi Nagar Main Road, Ekattuthangal, Chennai 600032; Ph: +91 44 42647210/45588192;


Autorange handheld multimeters

In February 2012, Sigma Instruments upgraded its MTQ 70A digital multimeter

Features and USP: MTQ 70A auto range 3999 count multimeter comes with a new type of holster and in a streamlined design. Its large LCD makes the readings clear. It has a metallic screen board with stronger anti-magnetic and anti-interferential functions. It comes with a data hold function. Since it does not possess a rotatory switch, the means of wear and tear are reduced. Its auto-range mode helps in smooth operations and the quick measurement of data.

For further details: Ashoka Palace, Patel Road, 23 West Patel Nagar, Opp Metro Pillar No 211, New Delhi 110008; Ph: (M) 9312531313, (91)(11) 25882168,25884181;; [email protected]



CATIV multimeter

In March 2012, Megger introduced new range of AVO410 CATIV multimeter.

Features and USP: AVO410 multimeter offers AC and DC voltage and current measurements as well as resistance, frequency and capacitance ranges. It is a unique product offering true RMS readings on the AC functions with standard measurement format. The instrument features a CATIV 600 V safety rating and is perfectly suitable for industrial applications. AVO410 can be used to troubleshoot electrical problems in a wide array of industrial and household environments and in devices such as electronic equipment, motor controls, domestic appliances, power supplies, and wiring systems. The slim, compact case has a tough rubberised holster that sits comfortably in the hand which allows single handed use.

For further details: Ph: 022- 2674 0468; [email protected];



Environmental multimeters and digital TRMS multimeters

In January 2012, Kusam Electrical Industries launched two new multimeters—KM 19 5 in 1 environmental multimeter and digital KM-869 TRMS multimeter.

Features and USP: KM 19 5-in-1 environmental multimeter has been designed in conformance with IEC-1010 electronic measuring instruments, with an over voltage categorisation of CAT II 1000V, CAT III 600V and Pollution 2. It has been designed to combine the functions of five instruments in one device. These include a sound level meter, a light meter, a humidity meter, a temperature meter and a digital multimeter. It is available in both auto ranging and manual ranging versions. It offers 14 functions in 39 ranges, including over-range protection for all ranges. With maximum voltage between terminals and earth ground 600 V DC or RMS AC, it comes with an LCD backlit display and the data hold function. It displays accurate data and this accuracy is assured for a period of one year after calibration.

Kusam Electrical has introduced another new digital TRMS multimeter—the KM-869. It has a 50,000/500,000 count large LCD display with a 5 sec update rate. It can measure the fundamental voltage and frequencies of most variable frequency drives. It has CAT IV 1KV high safety transient protection. It has an unbeatable 100 KHz DC + AC performance. With a basic accuracy of 0.02 per cent (DCV) and a resolution of 1µV DC, it has auto and manual ranging functions. Its voltage measurement is up to 1000V AC/DC with high impedance. It can also measure noisy high voltage AC frequencies up to 200 KHz in dual display.

For further details: G-17, Bharat Industrial Estate, TJ Road, Sewree (W), Mumbai 400015; Ph: 022 24124540, 24181649, 27750662, 27750292; [email protected];


Handheld digital multimeters

In November 2011, Agilent Technologies launched its U1230 series of handheld DMMs.

Features and USP: The U1230 series has been designed to help customers take quick, safe and convenient measurements, even in working environments that are out of the norm. The 6000 count DMMs are CAT III 600 V rated. Even in dark, noisy or even dangerous environments, the U1230 series of handheld DMMs keep users equipped with features that anticipate worst case scenarios. Its ergonomic shape illuminates the test area with a built-in flashlight, while allowing the user to select measurement functions using the rotary dial. It has the Vsense feature that performs non-contact voltage detection. Hence, it ensures more safety while taking measurements in dangerous working environments by avoiding any contact with hot or live wires. Upon detection of voltage, it produces a unique combination of beeping alerts and blinking LED lights. With a data logging capability (it stores up to 10 readings), it also provides IR to USB connectivity to transfer data to a PC for recording.

For further details: Agilent India Customer Contact Centre; Ph: 1800 11 2929 (toll free); [email protected]


Digital multimeter

In December 2011, Ideal Industries India Pvt Ltd launched 490 series of DMM.

Features and USP: 490 series multimeters are packed with features for commercial and industrial environments. From the technical advantages of auto/manual ranging and true RMS measurements to the user friendly benefits of auto backlight and dual display, these meters are as easy to use as they are to own. It has USB intertace and has 0.015 per cent DCV accuracy, comes with auto selection for resistance/diode/capacitance. It offers features like auto power off and sensing backlight with highfrequency rejection mode and high voltage indicator.

For further details: 229-230, Spazedge, Tower B, Sohna Road, Sector-47, Gurgaon 122001, Haryana; Ph: +91124-4495103/4495100, Extn: 103; [email protected];



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