Network analysers


Network analysersIn June 2012, Agilent Technologies launched the N523xA PNA-L vector network analysers, which replace the existing N5230C models.

Features and USP: N523xA PNA-L provides design and manufacturing engineers with the highest performance (up to 50 GHz) in a mid-range VNA, along with lower cost and future-proof capabilities. They are available in five frequency models, starting at 300 kHz, with two or four ports available for the 13.5 and 20 GHz models, and two ports available for the 8.5, 43.5 and 50 GHz products. The models feature both an increased measurement range (5 dB more output power and 20 dB more dynamic range) and speed (the result of a new synthesiser with faster frequency switching). They also offer an improved user interface with a 24 per cent bigger display. Because the models are 100 per cent compatible with the N5230C PNA-L, no changes are required for the user’s current test setup.

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