Multifunction power and energy monitors


In July 2011, MECO Instruments Pvt Ltd launched an indigenously designed multifunction power and energy monitor, the MFM-144x192UMT.

Features and USP: The MFM-144x192UMT can simultaneously display four parameters in four rows, has super bright red LED displays with 4-digit resolution, a 25.4 mm digit height with 8-digit resolution, apart from a energy retention and password protected energy reset facility. The monitor is housed in a 144 x 192 mm sized case. With a built-in isolated RS 485 (MODBUS) port, it can be interfaced to a PC through a twisted pair of bi-polar screened cables. It has the power master PC interface software, which is ideal for remote monitoring and to store the measuring parameters on the PC.

The parameters can be grouped into tables or graphs for analysis and the management of any electrical system.

For further details: Ph: 27673300 (Board); [email protected];



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