Mouser Electronics To Distribute Renesas RZ/Five-RISC-V MPU

Credits: Mouser Electronics

The Renesas RZ/Five-RISC-V MPU has been explicitly designed for IoT endpoint devices.

US-based chip and electronics components distributor Mouser Electronics will be stocking Renesas RZ/Five-RISC-V microprocessor by Renesas Electronics, for global distribution.

Mouser will also offer the RZ/Five evaluation board kit for purchase on its website, which provides a complete demonstration and development platform for the microprocessor. It consists of a module board (SOM) and a carrier board and includes a wide range of interfaces such as Gbit-Ethernet, CAN, and USB 2.0.

RZ/Five is a single-core, 64-bit general-purpose microprocessor unit with a maximum operating frequency of 1 GHz, based on an Andes AX45MP. It utilises a RISC-V CPU instruction set architecture. It has been explicitly developed for the Internet of Things (IoT) endpoint devices. It can be used in Industrial IoT (IIoT) or industrial gateways for entry-class social infrastructure control and industrial control, respectively.

It also offers long-term Linux support through a Verified Linux Package (VLP) featuring Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) Linux to address corporate infrastructure and industrial applications requiring high reliability and extended service life.

The MPU has 128KB of internal SRAM with ECC and 16-bit DDR4-1600 or DDR3L-1333 memory interfaces with in-line ECC supporting up to 4GB of RAM.

Peripheral functions include support for multiple interfaces, including two Gigabit Ethernet MAC channels, two USB 2.0 channels and two serial CAN/CAN-FD interfaces. It also consists of a 2-channel, 12-bit ADC, thermal sensor, four I2C interfaces, three SPI interfaces and GPIOs. For security support, the MPU also has 1Kbit of OTP memory, a secure boot, a crypto engine and a secure JTAG. The peripheral functions and package of the RZ/Five are pin-compatible with those of the Arm core-based RZ/G2UL, allowing for easy reuse of existing and proven designs.



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