Motion sensing switches


In June 2012, GlacialLight launched the GL-PIR10C, a versatile infrared motion sensing switch.

Features and USP: This passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor can be connected to a wide range of light sources to enhance ease of use, cut power consumption and improve security. User adjustable settings include light and motion sensitivity. The GL-PIR10C is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in almost all lighting conditions, with an adjustable range of up to 12 metres. It is an ideal choice as a motion sensor to directly control almost all popular 100 V to 240 V AC light sources. It can handle rated loads of up to 1200 W for incandescent lamps and 300 W for energy saving lamps. An adjustable bracket and swivelling pivot allows the sensor to be aimed precisely, providing coverage to the area required.

For further details: Suhas Kalekar, Lotus Insulation Services; Ph: 09822793950; [email protected]; [email protected]



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