Miniature rotary switches


In June 2011, Switchcraft introduced its ‘A’ and ‘B’ series miniature rotary switches rated for 2A/125V AC.

Features and USP: The ‘A’ series offers three configurations, namely, 1 pole-8 way, 2 pole-4 way and 4 pole-2 way. The ‘B’ series offers 1 pole-12 way, 2 pole-6 way and 4 pole-3 way. All these switches are provided with an adjustable stopper arrangement, and the stopper can be set at any desired position at the user’s end. The dual ball side thrust mechanism is used with a compression spring ensuring uniform detent torque while indexing. The indexing mechanism is lubricated for life. The contacts are of the wiping, self-cleaning silver plated brass variety. The base of the switch is moulded in glass filled polymide and is shielded with a fibre base bakelite disc to give outstanding switching characteristics in a rugged and enclosed package. The overall dimensions protruding behind the panel are: i) 14.5 mm dia. x 28 mm for the ‘A’ series and ii)17.5mm dia. x 28 mm for the ‘B’ series switches. The indexing angle is 45 for the ‘A’ series and 30 for the ‘B’ series switches. The mode of switching is ‘break before make’.

For further details: Switchcraft, Ph: 022-26781045; Fax:022-26790966; [email protected];

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