Microchip's 32-bit microcontroller


Microchip Technology has launched a range of six 32-bit PIC32MX5/6/7 microcontrollers that provide the same integrated Ethernet, CAN, USB and serial connectivity peripherals.

Features and USP: The additional design enhancements can provide lower power consumption of 0.5 mA/MHz active current, higher flash memory endurance of 20k read/write cycles and better EEPROM emulation capability. And, by maintaining common pin outs, these microcontrollers can provide designers with a seamless migration path to achieve the correct balance of memory and cost for their high performance applications. The products meet the need that designers of embedded systems have for ways to lower their costs without sacrificing performance or functionality. This is achieved by maintaining best-in-class performance of 1.56 DMIPS/MHz, and integrating Ethernet, CAN, USB and multiple serial communication channels, while offering more cost effective memory options. Besides this, they offer 32 KB of RAM and up to 140 KB of flash memory. Applications include communications (point-of-sale terminals, Web servers, multi-protocol bridges); industrial and medical applications (automation controllers, medical devices, security monitoring); consumer appliances (audio, MP3 decoders, displays, small appliances, fitness equipment); and the automotive sector (after market, car alarms, GPS).

For further details: Microchip Technology (India) Pvt Ltd, 701, International Trade Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi 110019; Ph: 011-41608631, Fax: 011-51698632; Website: www.microchip.com



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