Metallizing Equipment's thermal spray coatings


In December 2010, Metallizing Equipment introduced upgraded thermal anti-corrosive spray coatings for wind mills—the Arcject 96/200, 96/400 and 96/600, which are the respective upgrades of the older models, 95/200, 95/400 and 95/600.

Features and USP: The newer product is lightweight and can produce better quality of coatings than the older versions. Thermal spray coatings are the most suitable process for wind mills as the spraying equipment is portable. Both on-site and in-shop services are available. As no chemical treatments are involved, there is no environmental hazard. The thickness of the coating can be varied from 20 microns to 1 mm and is economical in terms of long lasting protection.

This process does not involve too many steps, with only blasting being done for surface preparation, followed by an immediate application of the coating.

For further details: Metallizing Equipment Co Pvt Ltd; Ph: 0291-2747601, [email protected], [email protected];



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