MediaTek appoints Anaqua to Manage Global Patent Portfolio


Boston based organisation, Anaqua which deals in Intellectual Property (IP) management and analytics software and services, announced that MediaTek has selected the Anaqua platform to manage its IP activities, including the management of inventions and patents. Taiwan-based MediaTek is a global leader in the fabless semiconductor company market.

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“This is a significant new partnership that strengthens our presence and reputation in the Taiwan market,” said Karen Taylor, General Manager of Asia Pacific at Anaqua. “As we continue our growth in Asia Pacific, it’s an honor to serve one of the leading IP-owning companies in Taiwan.”


MediaTek is a market leader in developing tightly-integrated, power-efficient systems-on-chip (SoC) for mobile devices, home entertainment, network and connectivity, automated driving, and IoT (the Internet of Things) products. The company enables more than 1.5 billion consumer products a year.

Prior to choosing the Anaqua platform, the company relied on a self-developed system to manage its IP assets. After a comprehensive evaluation of many solutions, MediaTek selected Anaqua to be their partner as they continue to advance their position as a global semiconductor leader. Anaqua’s flexibility and global community of top IP-owning clients were among the key advantages that influenced MediaTek’s decision.



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