Meco’s power and harmonics analyser


Meco Instruments has upgraded the Meco power and harmonics analyser model, the PHA 5850, in December 2010.

Features and USP: The instrument can measure live loads and analyse single/three phase power systems. It is capable of analysing the quality of power consumption to the maximum demand. Its large dot matrix LCD display with a backlight of 35 parameters in one screen can monitor energy, active, apparent and reactive power factor, energy, TRU RMS value, AC current, average and maximum demand with programmable time intervals, apart from CT and PT ratios. It can also display harmonics up to the 99th order, and THD with waveform at peak value. The analyser has features like real time graphic phasor diagrams with an inbuilt memory of 512 K and an optical isolated RS-232~USB interface with user friendly software for easy downloading. The analyser is available with a clamp on CT having multiple ranges of 1/10/100A, 10/1001000A or 300/3000A (flexible CTs), as per the application.

The analyser is ideal for engineers and inspectors who carry out vigilance checks, surveys, audits and periodic checks at the industrial and consumer end. It is priced at Rs 164,160

For further details: Meco Instruments Pvt Ltd, Plot No EL-1, MIDC Electronics Zone, TTC Industrial Area, Mahape, Navi Mumbai 400710; Ph: 0091-22-27673311-16 (sales), 27673300 (Board); Fax: 0091-22-27673310, 27673330; Email: [email protected]; Website:



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