Marelli Wins Global Deal For EV Battery Cooling Systems


Supply is set to start in 2024, and the contract will cover multiple vehicle platforms and segments across international markets.

Marelli has secured a major contract from a leading global automaker to provide Battery Thermal Plates (BTP) for upcoming Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs). This essential technology, pivotal for managing thermal energy in electric vehicles, has been developed by Marelli and will be produced internally. The supply is set to commence in 2024, covering various vehicle platforms and segments across markets in China, North America, and Europe, with an expected delivery of approximately 5 million units throughout the contract duration.

Shuji Kobayashi, President of Marelli’s Green Technology Solutions business, expressed pride in this significant collaboration, which bolsters ties with global car manufacturers focusing on crucial thermal energy management technologies. He noted that Marelli’s extensive experience and comprehensive portfolio enable them to offer the most effective solutions for electric, hybrid, and traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, tailoring to specific needs and collaborating closely with customers to design the vehicles of the future.

Effective thermal management is critical for ensuring the performance and efficiency of fully electric vehicles, where the battery serves as the sole energy source. This management affects battery longevity, vehicle range, propulsion system efficiency, and rapid charging capabilities, and is essential for maintaining a comfortable in-cabin environment. For optimal efficiency, the battery needs to maintain a precise temperature range under all weather conditions, while also supporting cabin and propulsion system requirements.

Marelli’s Battery Thermal Plate features a ‘Dot Dimples’ design that ensures efficient heat exchange. This design maintains consistent battery cell temperatures and achieves excellent temperature uniformity through specific thermal flow pathways. The design’s ultra-flat nature allows for easy integration and minimal space usage within the vehicle. The technologies and materials utilized in this solution ensure high durability and quality.

Moreover, Marelli’s in-house testing labs and simulation capabilities facilitate the swift customization of the dimple design technology to meet diverse customer requirements for various battery types and configurations. The solution is adaptable, offering sizes from small to extra-large.

This initiative benefits from global development efforts spearheaded by Marelli’s worldwide R&D centers, with production set to take place in China, Mexico, and Romania. Beyond the Battery Thermal Plate, Marelli provides a comprehensive array of solutions for managing and optimizing the thermal balance across all vehicle systems, drawing on its established expertise in critical heat exchange technologies suitable for various propulsion systems.


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