MAHLE Launches X30 Drive System For Electric Bikes


The system maintains compatibility with all components, accessories, and the digital ecosystem of the existing X20 system.

MAHLE SmartBike Systems has unveiled its X30 drive system for Electric Two-Wheelers (E2Ws). This latest innovation in the eBike arena includes a motor, battery, Human-Machine Interface (HMI), and additional components, enhancing the X-Series system platform.

Central to the X30 system is its motor, which weighs only 1.9 kg and delivers 45 Nm of torque, embodying the strong, lightweight, sporty, and smart characteristics of MAHLE products. Designed for optimal performance across various terrains, it sets a new standard for hub motors in the lightweight eBike category.

The system’s compatibility extends to integration with Pulsar ONE, eShifters, HMI, iX2 or iX3 batteries, and the External Battery eX1 (e185), facilitating smooth upgrades and access to sophisticated features for consistent performance throughout the X Series.

The X30 system showcases its ease of setup with its advanced technology and intuitive design, enhancing the cycling experience. Its rear hub motor design minimizes energy losses, boosting efficiency by 15% over mid-drive motors. This enhancement increases the eBike’s range to nearly 190 km, supporting eco-friendly travel.

The flexibility of the X Series platform allows bicycle brands to design eBikes with either pedal assist sensors or cadence and torque sensors, meeting diverse riding preferences. The innovative torque sensor provides accurate watt analysis, enabling the motor to respond precisely to the cyclist’s input. Additionally, AI and machine learning technologies enable the eBike to adapt to the rider’s behaviour and surroundings.

The MAHLE X30 system offers customization options that align with the unique DNA of the implementing bike brand, tailored by discipline and customer philosophy. This customization ensures a distinctive riding experience for each brand, even when using the same system.


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