Mahindra Adopts ABB’s PixelPaint For Future EVs


M&M will implement ABB Robotics’ PixelPaint technology at its new EV painting facility to provide customization options for its upcoming EV lineup. This move will make M&M the first Indian OEM to adopt PixelPaint technology for the automated painting of contrasting roofs and pillars.

Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) has adopted ABB’s cutting-edge PixelPaint technology for its new electric vehicle paint shop. The technology, featuring a high-precision paint head akin to an inkjet printer, will commence serial production in 2025.

Joerg Reger, Managing Director of ABB Robotics Automotive Business Line, emphasized the capabilities of their PixelPaint technology, noting its precision in covering both large colour areas and detailed accents without the need for manual labour, thus avoiding production holdups. He further mentioned that with PixelPaint robots stationed in specialized cells, Mahindra’s facility will streamline the application of unique roof and pillar finishes on its new electric vehicle line.

PixelPaint uses a robotic paint head equipped with over 1,000 tiny, independently controllable nozzles and is mounted on an ABB robot, such as the IRB 5500 series. Integrated with ABB’s 3D vision system and controlled by the RobotStudio software, the system ensures precise paint application directly on the vehicle body, avoiding any overspray or airborne misting. This technology not only eliminates the laborious task of manual masking but also prevents repeated painting processes, achieving zero waste and meticulous detail reproduction.

M&M becomes the first Indian OEM to incorporate PixelPaint technology, responding to the increasing demand for vehicle customization. This innovation is part of Mahindra’s broader strategy to redefine the passenger vehicle landscape in India, where the market reached a record 4.2 million units sold in FY2024, led by a significant 26% increase in SUV sales.

Additionally, the collaboration between ABB and Mahindra includes the use of 42 IRB 5500 robots, marking a significant technological advancement in the painting of contrasting roofs and pillars.

ABB’s automated systems not only handle complex tasks like interior painting and sealing but also optimize paint usage with digital technologies like the RB1000i paint atomizers, which enhance efficiency and reduce waste.

As M&M prepares to launch its EV line starting with the XUV.e8 by the end of CY2024 and introducing more models under its BE (Born Electric) sub-brand, it continues to focus on expanding its global footprint. The upcoming all-electric SUV range aims to attract a global audience with its performance, innovation, and accessible technology, reinforced by adopting technologies like ABB’s PixelPaint.


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