Macroblock’s AC/DC LED driver


In December 2010, Macroblock launched a non-isolated, step down and high efficiency AC/DC LED driver—the MBI6902, especially for T8 and E27 lighting applications.

Features and USP: The MBI6902 can achieve superior efficiency in high brightness LED lighting applications and can drive external MOSFET current up to 3 A. In addition, it requires only a few external components. This high efficiency and compact solution makes it the most applicable for T8, E27 and general illumination applications. It also accepts wide universal AC input from 80 VAC to 265 VAC and regulates the accuracy of preset output current within ±5 per cent by switching the external MOSFET. Besides, it has multiple features to protect the controller from fault conditions, including under voltage lockout, over voltage protection, over current protection, and LED open circuit and short-circuit protection. Additionally, to ensure the system’s reliability, MBI6902 has built-in thermal protection.

For further details: Macroblock Inc, Floor 6-4, No.18, Pu-Ting Rd, Hsinchu, Taiwan 30077, ROC; Ph: +886-3-579-0068, Fax: +886-3-579-7534; Email: [email protected]



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