Low pin count chip


In October 2011, Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia announced the release of eight models of its MB95630 series, to enhance the line-up of the F2MC-8FX family. Features and USP: The new product employs a DC brushless motor controller and an analogue voltage comparator, thus making it more suitable for use in motor controls. The MB95630 series is a member of the F2MC-8FX family. As an update version of the 95330H series, it is pin to pin compatible with the 95330H series. This series also integrates an analogue voltage comparator and is compatible with various composite timers and communication functions. Therefore, it can be used as the main microcontroller, as well as the sub-microcontroller to supplement function insufficiency in the existing system configuration. Besides, the 1 wire on-chip debug module embedded in the chip allows occupation of only one pin when the customer debugs programs, which is beneficial during product development. For further details: Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia Pvt Ltd; www.sg.fujitsu.com/semiconductor



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