LG to launch IoT enabled products by next year


South Korean consumer electronics majorLG plans to introduce products based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology in the home appliances segment by early next year.

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LG Electronics India (LGEI) is in talks with several mobile network service operators to form a partnership to roll out IoT-based products.

LGEI Managing Director Ki Wan Kim told the news agency that while the company’s parent has already been selling such products in Korea, in India the wait is due to the need of partnerships with telecom service providers for data connectivity.


By partnering with a telecom operator, LGEI is looking to address the requirement for a network provider to connect with different appliances in a household.

LGEI plans to introduce appliances equipped with features such as LG HomeChat and SmartThinQ that enable consumers to control and operate home appliances through smartphones. These appliances are connected through the Internet.

Last year, LGEI had clocked sales of Rs 22,000 crore and is among leaders in various appliances segments here. The company has two manufacturing units here at — Greater Noida and Pune.

Smartphone models such as Q6, which has face recognition system, are being introduced in India as part of the strategy, he said.

By Baishakhi Dutta



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