LED drivers for outdoor use


In February 2012, GlacialPower launched an innovative series of LED drivers—the GP-LS200P.

Features and USP: Designed for outdoor applications such as streetlights, the GP-LS200P series efficiently regulates voltage and power consumption. These drivers offer the advantages of lower power consumption, natural looking light with no perceptible flickering, and extremely long product life.

The LED driver series effectively transforms AC voltages ranging from 90 V to 295 V into useable DC voltage. The six models of the GP-LS200P series have a DC voltage output ranging from 12 V to 48 V. Additionally, the power factor correction (PFC) of the power driver is also highly specialised, and maintains a clean and pure voltage/current ratio to prevent disruption of the power, which in turn prevents the LED from deteriorating over time. This enhances the LED’s life and ensures lower power consumption.

For further details: Suhas Kalekar, Lotus Insulation Services; Ph: 09822793950; [email protected]; [email protected]



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