LED driver IC design support tool


This July, Renesas Electronics announced the launch of its LED driver IC design support tool to simplify the design of LED lamp control circuits.

Applications: The R2A20134EVB design support tool for R2A20134 comes mounted with the R2A20134, a high efficiency LED driver IC for applications such as LED lamps. The design support tool is intended to simplify the design of complex LED control circuits. Six product versions are available to match the variety of circuit configurations used by customers. These can be incorporated into LED lamps to perform functions such as switching LEDs on and off and for dimming of the lights.

Features and USP: LED driver MOSFETs typically have a voltage tolerance of 700 V, but the R2A20134 enables the use of MOSFETs with tolerances in the 500 V to 300 V range. This contributes to lower overall system costs. The R2A20134 delivers an efficiency of 92 per cent (note 1) and a power factor (note 2) of 0.94, both among the highest in the industry, contributing to greater power savings.

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