Lectrix EV To Deliver 500 EVs To Jumppers’ Green Fleet


Lectrix EV will also introduce an advanced battery swapping infrastructure to enhance the logistics operations of Jumppers.

Lectrix EV has entered into a strategic partnership with FYC Tech Pvt Ltd, known as Jumppers, an innovative last-mile delivery company using an electric fleet. As part of this partnership, Lectrix EV will supply 500 electric vehicles to Jumppers, significantly enhancing their fleet and capacity to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly delivery services.

In addition to supplying vehicles, Lectrix EV will establish a state-of-the-art battery-swapping infrastructure to support Jumppers’ logistics operations. This network is set to transform Jumppers’ operational efficiency and sustainability by enabling quick battery exchanges for their electric vehicles. This will reduce downtime and eliminate range anxiety, maximizing the earning potential for their riders.

Pritesh Talwar, President of the EV Business at Lectrix EV, shared that their goal is to electrify transportation throughout India. He noted the rapid growth of the logistics sector and commended Jumppers’ efforts, which align with their sustainability goals. Talwar expressed enthusiasm about supporting Jumppers’ expansion of an eco-friendly fleet, highlighting the partnership as a significant step toward achieving a sustainable future together.

The benefits of the Lectrix EV swap network for Jumppers include a transaction time of under 50 seconds, constant energy availability, and the elimination of range anxiety through a dense network of swap stations located every 5-10 kilometres. This setup not only enhances the earning potential for riders—who can earn an additional Rs. 200-300 daily without the need for charging downtime—but also provides cost-effective energy solutions at just Rs. 1 per kilometre, making it a competitive alternative.

Lectrix EV has made substantial contributions to reducing carbon emissions. It has facilitated over 2.22 billion kilometres of travel and served 13,571 users, saving a total of 6.66 million kilograms of CO2, which averages 491 kilograms per user. This underscores the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Ajay Kumar Khandelwal, the co-founder of Jumppers, expressed his enthusiasm about the expansion of their fleet. He noted that in 2024, Jumppers has grown to include more than 500 vehicles thanks to their partnership with Lectrix. This increase underscores their dedication to sustainable and efficient last-mile delivery solutions, leveraging advanced electric vehicle technology to enhance service to their clients.

Jumppers’ fleet serves a broad customer base, including major companies like Blue-Dart, DHL, DTDC, Flipkart, and Smart-R. This partnership ensures that Jumppers can offer sustainable and effective delivery solutions to these key industry players, facilitating rapid and appropriate growth.


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