Latest offerings in low- to medium-volume pick-and-place machines


In surface mount technology (SMT), pick-and-place machines play a very important role in positioning the components or surface mount devices (SMDs) on the printed circuit boards (PCBs). Machines used for low- to medium-volume production are more popular globally because of their low cost.

By Baishakhi Dutta

Low- to medium-volume pick-and-place machines are an industry requirement in SMT production and prototyping work. They are in demand in a wide range of sectors including LED lighting, defence, consumer electronics, automotive, medical, aerospace, etc.

The features that these machines offer are regularly enhanced to address changing industry demands. Despite having an important role to play in the industry, only a handful of new machines have been launched within the past one year. In this column, we have featured two of the latest pick-and-place (low- to medium-volume) machines.

Two recently launched pick-and-place machines

Model: LS60V; Manufacturer: DDM Novastar
This flexible pick-and-place model with vision offers a 330mm x 813mm (13″ x 32″) work area and 88 single feeder positions (up to 132 feeder positions using bank feeders) for quick setup and ease of operation. These features are available at a cost-effective price and an accuracy rate of ± 0.025mm (.001”). The GUI (graphical user interface) uses Windows based software that allows quick programming. The machine places a wide range of components including 0201s, LEDs, BGAs, 15mil pitch QFPs, SMT connectors and many others.

Key features

  • Maximum board size is 343mm x 813mm
  • Maximum placement rate is 4800 CPH
  • Overall dimensions: 1016mm x 1321mm x 1346.2mm
  • Vibratory feeders are of three types—loose, tube, stick (for frequency and amplitude control)
  • Dispenser option is up to 10,000 dots/hour

Contact details:, [email protected]
Indian distributor: Drive Technologies

Model: RS1; Manufacturer: Juki
This machine can operate as a chip mounter and a flexible mounter, and has a speed of up to 42,000 CPH. Other features include a wide component range, optimum line balance, high throughput, and a new head design that automatically adjusts the centering height based on the components placed. Juki’s laser centering technology is fast, accurate and reliable for placing a wide range of components.
Key features

  • Placement accuracy is ±0.035mm (Cpk>1)
  • Maximum feeder inputs: 112 components (using RF feeders)
  • Maximum component height: 25mm
  • Board size: Minimum – 50mm × 50mm and maximum – 650mm × 370mm (single clamping)

Contact details:, [email protected]
Indian distributor: Juki India Pvt Ltd




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