The latest offerings in high volume pick-and-place machines


The heart of the SMT assembly process, a pick-and-place machine, is an expensive piece of equipment. With many options offered by different companies, buyers need to plan their purchases very strategically.

By Baishakhi Dutta

In the current electronics manufacturing space, a higher degree of automation is much sought after. Manufacturers want equipment that can handle many varieties of components and offer higher productivity levels. This is particularly true among high mix manufacturers. In short, the industry seeks better performing and high speed machinery.

While the latest high volume pick-and-place SMT machines come in compact form factors with high productivity, the number of manufacturers is limited.

A few recently launched pick-and-place (high volume) machines
Model: NXTIII, Manufacturer: Fuji
Fuji’s new NXTIII comes with the H24S placement head, and has a capacity of 42,000 CPH with a placement accuracy of 25 microns. The H24S placement head delivers a 20 per cent higher production capacity, than its predecessor, H24G. The price of the new model is the same as the previous version. This machine delivers higher throughput, thereby reducing the number of machines required and ultimately cutting down the cost of production. Fuji NXTIII has been widely accepted in the industry with more than 60,000 machines installed worldwide.

Key features

  • New servo control for faster and more accurate motor control
  • More stable design of the X/Y axes and the machine frame, for greater speed and higher precision
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use machine with a touch panel interface
  • Scalability depends on the required feeder positions and throughput
  • Heads can be exchanged in minutes without tools
  • Compatible with all AIMEX machines

Contact details: [email protected], [email protected];
Indian distributor: NMTronics India Pvt Ltd

Model: MY300, Manufacturer: Mycronic
Mycronic has expanded its next generation MYPro series with a compact, new MY300 pick-and-place model. The new MY300 achieves higher speeds due to its automatic job selection capability, rolling changeovers, as well as faster board transfer and tool changes. Throughput is increased significantly thanks to simultaneous assembly of multiple boards. Additionally, the improved line scan vision system ensures a future-proof solution for the most advanced components. The MY300 offers 40 per cent higher space productivity than previous models, making it possible to handle a wider range of components with a smaller machine footprint. The series offers three different models—the MY300DX, the MY300SX and the MY300LX, that come with a wide range of highly automated line configurations for any smart factory. Key features

  • 160,000 CPH within one work cell
  • On-the-fly changeovers
  • Near-production storage and automated replenishment
  • Electrical verification of resistors, capacitors, diodes and transistors
  • Full traceability

Contact details: [email protected];
Indian distributor: Accurex Solutions Pvt Ltd

Model: YSM10, Manufacturer: Yamaha
Launched in June 2017, the YSM10 is the latest version of the YSM20. The older YSM20 is a dual-gantry machine, whereas the newly launched YSM10 is a single-gantry machine with a capacity of 46,000 CPH. The new model is similar to that of the YSM20 with Yamaha’s unique features like side-view camera for component lead-lift detection, co-axial lighting for component verification, auto-nozzle cleaning, multi-mounting capability, etc. The YSM10 is a high speed pick-and-place machine that is suitable for various segments like EMS, automotive, lighting, etc.Key features

  • Handles components ranging from tiny 03015 chips to 55mm x 100mm sizes without requiring head replacement
  • Improved scan camera performance expands the size of high speed mounting parts to 12mm
  • Standard type with 10-nozzle specification for a compact body; is lightweight, runs at high speed and is versatile
  • Electric drive intelligent feeders – the SS feeder and ZS feeder are fully compatible with all YS series models
  • A maximum of 15 parts trays can be loaded (at a tray pitch of 12.5mm)

Contact details: [email protected];
Indian distributor: Leaptech Corporation

Model: Atom, Manufacturer: Europlacer
Europlacer has launched an all-new surface mount pick-and-place platform called Atom. The company’s new high-speed capability is due to its pioneering Pulsar pipette head. Each Pulsar head features eight nozzles to handle components from 01005 profiles up to 13mm² in size, at high accuracy levels. As the Pulsar head design uses advanced titanium and titanium nitride materials, as well as self-lubricating diamond nano-coatings, the heads are completely maintenance-free. The Atom platform design moves the Pulsar heads over strategically positioned rolling-shutter imaging cameras during placement, eliminating the need for vision technology embedded in the head, and hence reducing mass. With just 50 grams of moving mass in the Z-axis, accelerations of up to 4G deliver great speed and precise placement force control.Key features

  • Atom 4 has placement rates of up to 104,000 components per hour
  • Atom 3 offers placement rates of up to 65,000 components per hour
  • Patented intelligent conveyor technology accommodates boards over 2 metres (81 inches) in length

Contact details:
Indian distributor: Bergen Associates Pvt Ltd

Model: NPM-W2S, Manufacturer: Panasoni
The NPM-W2S is designed to solve a manufacturer’s need to tighten control over the work in process, minimise changeover times, and expand feeder capacity while accommodating smaller lot sizes in a cost-effective manner. The solution also expands the standard component range from 03015mm microchips to massive 100mm x 90mm components and connectors nearly 150mm (6”) long and up to 30mm tall. Equipped with a multi-recognition camera, it enables component alignment, defect inspection, chip thickness, and 3D co-planarity inspection in a single pass to promote high productivity and quality. The single- and dual-lane mode enables the machine to process extremely long LED panels that are nearly 1200mm in length. Features include automated board support pin placement, self-aligning feeder cart changeover, intelligent feeder anywhere, and 2D-coded nozzle anywhere. It also offers thermal expansion compensation, board warp mapping, a 20- or 40-position direct pick tray tower, and closed-loop component monitoring with material verification, control and trace.Key features

  • The NPM-W2S delivers 100N insertion force for greater odd-form capability and increases the pin-through-hole device’s imaging capability via optional pin-in-paste illumination
  • It can automatically convert modes to dual-lane ‘shared’, or ultra-productive ‘hybrid’ mode
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) and pre-pickup inspection features allow unique recognition of tray-fed parts from barcodes, lines, and polarity marks to determine proper pickup angles

Contact details:
Indian distributor: Panasonic India Pvt Ltd




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