The latest high-volume pick-and-place equipment in the market


The latest high-volume pick-and-place SMT machines are compact and have high productivity. However, the industry has a need for better performing, high speed equipment. Yet, very few companies manufacture high-volume pick-and-place machines.

By Sneha Ambastha

In this section, we have covered the recently launched high-volume (above 30,000 CPH/components per hour) pick-and-place equipment. These machines are used in various industries, ranging from mobile phones to automobiles.

Model: EXCEN PRO, Brand: Samsung, Manufacturer: Samsung, South Korea


With 16 nozzle rotary turret heads and an optimum mounting speed of 120,000 CPH, EXCEN PRO supposedly achieves the highest levels of productivity in the world. Its mixed operating modes enable simultaneous mounting of the different boards, while its compact footprint gives it a better performance. Additionally, the upward vision system and the side view vision system work together to enable inspection both before and after part placement. The machine also has a new smart feeder that allows the automatic loading and splicing of components to reduce the part replenishment time and the changeover period.
This machine has been installed both in India and across the world. Leading global customers have found it to be among the better performing solutions in the high-speed segment.

Key features

  • Achieves high placement speed of about 120,000 CPH (optimum)
  • Has a total length of about 1.25m with an ultra-slim design
  • Uses high rotary modular head
  • Has a side-view vision system (SVS) for ‘before and after’ placement inspections
  • Allows mixed production of different boards, independent production at both front and rear, and non-stop changeover of device types
  • Has a smart feeder that enables auto loading and auto splicing
  • The feeder is both high precision and high speed

Contact details: Pradeep Tandon, Ph: +91-9810001345, [email protected],
India branch: Samsung C&T India

USP: High mounting speed of 120,000 CPH with the SVS inspection facility

Model: MY200HX-14, Brand: MYCRONIC, Manufacturer: Mycronic AB
MY200HX-14 is the latest and the fastest in the MY200 series from Mycronic, catering to the requirements of both mid- and high-volume manufacturers. It is about 20 per cent faster than all the previous models, when it comes to the configuration of lines and work cells that mount various types of components. The Agilis feeders enable easy and quick loading due to their non-moving parts and preloading these feeders would allow one to perform set-ups and changeovers even faster.


Key features

  • On-the-fly mount order optimisation along with on-the-fly feeder loading facility
  • Provides an automatic feeder with dynamic feeder positions
  • Has vision auto-teach facility with snap-to-grid
  • Has automatic settings for illumination
  • Intelligent feeder concept – Agilis
  • Facilitates automatic component recognition
  • Has automatic board stretch compensation along with automatic conveyor-width adjustment
  • Enables intelligent surface impact control and avoids tool collision
  • Provides a fiducial camera with programmable light settings
  • Facilitates multi-user, multi-tasking system software along with open software interfaces for factory integration of SQL database engine

Contact details: S.T. RaviKumar, Ph: +919845046171, [email protected],
India branch: Accurex Solutions Pvt Ltd

USP: Features up to 160 feeder positions with a speed of about 50,000 CPH

Model: High-speed compact modular mounter RX-6R, Brand: JUKI, Manufacturer: Juki Corporation
RX-6R is the high-speed model in the RX-6 series that has an optimum placement speed of about 52,000 CPH. It is about 24 per cent faster than any of the past models, with an enhanced nozzle shaft and optimised head height. This equipment is about 1.25 metres wide and thus saves space.

Key features

  • Has a high component placement speed of 52,000 CPH (optimum)
  • Has minimised footprint of about 1.25 metres in width
  • It’s 24 per cent faster than any of the previous models
  • Has a wide component range, where it can place any square chip of sizes ranging from 0.4mm x 0.2mm to 50mm x 50mm and a maximum height of about 20mm
  • It is also capable of handling printed wiring boards (PWBs) from 50mm x 50mm to 610mm x 590mm
  • Enables high quality production due to various new features like the component verification system (CVS), ‘co-planarity’, etc
  • CVS prevents components from being placed at the wrong position due to the incorrect selection of components
  • Co-planarity measures the ball size or the leads of the IC components before its placement
  • RX-6R has another function, which is offset placement after solder screen-printing, which not only helps recognise the printing error but also
  • corrects the placement positions of the correct components
  • It can also have a ‘flexer unit’ as an option for PoP placements

Contact details: Praveen Madan, Ph: +91-22-42291160/61/62, [email protected],
India branch: Juki India Pvt Ltd

USP: Additional functions to identify the errors and eliminate them, making sure that the right components are placed correctly

Model: NPM-D3 (NM-EJM6D), Brand: Panasonic, Manufacturer: Panasonic Factory Solutions, America
NPM-W2, the new pick and place machine in the NPM series amplifies the original NPM-W capabilities with a 10 per cent throughput boost and 25 per cent more accuracy. It also integrates new innovations like incomparable multi-recognition camera. When combined together, all these features extend the component range down to the 03015 mm microchip, yet preserve their capability for components up to 120×90 mm and height 40 mm and connectors with a length of nearly 150mm.

Key features

  • The line has a capability of 77000 CPH
  • It also has multiple LED binning control options
  • Improved placement accuracy of 25 per cent
  • Can set up multiple products with 120 reels on quick-change carts
  • Combines various high-speed and flexible head options so as to handle all types of applications
  • Supports functions such as board warp detection, advanced process control (APC), and auto board support pin
  • Integrated, field scalable multi-recognition camera to combine three separate imaging capabilities-2D alignment, component thickness inspection,
  • and 3D co-planarity measurement

Contact details: Vishal Dahiya, Ph: +91-124-4596600, [email protected],
India branch: Panasonic India Pvt Ltd

USP: Capable of 77, 000, CPH with 3D co-planarity measurement