Kerala to receive solar-powered e-rickshaws soon


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Kerala will soon have a solar-powered three-wheeler. The project, conceptualized by an entrepreneur, is set to be launched on August 15.

The solar panels fitted on the roof of the three-wheeler will provide power, stored in a battery. The battery can be charged by electricity in the absence of solar power.

The vehicle is being assembled by Lifeway Solar Private Limited, a Kochi-based enterprise, owned by Georgekutty Karianappally, who said the vehicle could seat five persons.

The solar panels fitted on the roof are 1.5 metres long and 1 metre wide. The vehicle can attain a speed of 40 km and can run a minimum of 80 km with a six-hour charging from solar light.

The project has been submitted for clearance from the Transport Commissioner hoping that clearance would be received soon.

A company, based in Delhi, is already making efforts to launch e-bikes in Kerala. The company has received clearance from the transport authorities.

By Baishakhi Dutta


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