JLR Commits Over 1 Lakh Crore To EVs In 5 Years


Tata Motors, which owns several British car brands, plans to introduce electric vehicles based on three distinct vehicle architectures within the next year.

Jaguar Land Rover, a subsidiary of Tata Motors, has announced an ambitious investment of more than Rs 1 lakh crore in zero-emission battery electric vehicles over the next five years. The prominent automotive brands under Tata Motors will introduce electric vehicles spanning three distinct vehicle architectures within the upcoming year, marking a significant shift towards electrification for the company.

During an Investor Day presentation, senior management from Jaguar Land Rover revealed plans to allocate over £18 billion or Rs 1.9 lakh crore to enhance its luxury car segment over the subsequent five years. The presentation emphasized that 60% of this substantial investment is dedicated to the development of battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

Thomas Muller, Executive Director of Product Engineering at Jaguar Land Rover, stated, “We are currently in the phase of actualizing our electrified future, with physical tests being conducted across all three architectures. Our investments in a highly skilled global workforce and advanced testing infrastructure are pivotal in fulfilling our commitment to delivering excellence to our customers.”

The company is set to introduce vehicles based on its MLA—modular longitudinal architecture—a versatile multi-energy platform capable of supporting internal combustion engine vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles, and battery electric vehicles. The second architecture, known as EMA or Electrified Modular Architecture, is specifically designed for purely battery-electric vehicles and will also be utilized by Tata Motors’ passenger vehicle sector. The third architecture, JEA or Jaguar’s Electrified Architecture, has been exclusively developed for this iconic British brand, which is undergoing a transformation to exclusively adopt an electric vehicle format.

During a presentation, the head of product engineering at Jaguar Land Rover outlined that their vehicle architecture strategy is crafted to ensure flexibility as the company moves towards an electrified future. Muller emphasized that the future platform capabilities of these British premium brands are set to greatly improve customer experiences. He noted that their vehicle architecture approach is geared towards maintaining adaptability throughout their transition to electrification. Muller also mentioned that within the next year, products from the three newly developed electrified architectures are expected to launch. He described the pioneering battery electric vehicle (BEV) propulsion system, developed in-house, which features an entirely new electric vehicle architecture and software stack.

Jaguar Land Rover has set a goal to transition the Jaguar brand to an entirely electric lineup starting in 2025, with an overall target for electric vehicle penetration to reach 60%, which equates to 1.08 lakh crore by the end of this decade. The company is poised to launch the Range Rover Electric and its first Jaguar electric vehicle in 2025, with the Range Rover Electric already boasting a pre-order tally exceeding 38,000 vehicles.


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