“India presents significant opportunities to Indium Corporation”


Liyakathali Koorithodi, senior technical support engineer, India, Indium Corporation
Liyakathali Koorithodi, senior technical support engineer, India, Indium Corporation
For Indium Corporation, the Indian market offers significant opportunities, as the country has a rapidly growing electronics manufacturing industry. The government is providing financial incentives for the industry and there is a growing demand for consumer electronics. Indium Corporation’s sound products and unparalleled technical support are a great fit for this region. In an interview with Srabani Sen of Electronics Bazaar, Liyakathali Koorithodi, senior technical support engineer, India, and Winston Chew, SMT sales manager for India and Singapore, Indium Corporation, share the company’s strategy for India and throw light on the significance of the Indian market for the company.

EB: How important is the Indian market for you?

India is an important region that contributes to the growth of Indium Corporation. India’s large population and growing middle class have resulted in a tremendous need for consumer and infrastructure electronics. This has created the opportunity for a thriving local manufacturing base, which, in turn, has created the opportunity for a world class electronics assembly materials supplier.

EB: Which sectors are you targeting in India?


Indium Corporation is focused on soldering materials for PCB assembly. We have proven products featuring the highest technology, which help customers to solve emerging issues like head-in-pillow defects. We always work hard to be competitive with regard to product performance and customer service. And the latter will be the key to success in India.

Wnston Chew, SMT sales manager for India and Singapore, Indium Corporation
Wnston Chew, SMT sales manager for India and Singapore, Indium Corporation

Indium Corporation is already a leading supplier of soldering materials to the Indian market. Our focus within India has been on high technology products such as solder paste. Combined with our best in class technical support, we are able to help our customers obtain the highest end of line yields.

EB: Which Indium products are doing well in India and in which sectors?

Our Indium8.9 solder paste series addresses the many assembly challenges faced by our circuit board assembly customers, particularly those in consumer electronics and LED assembly.

EB: In what way are your soldering materials technologically more advanced?

Indium Corporation’s solder pastes have evolved to address the changing needs of the electronics manufacturing industry. Indium has developed alternative alloys to reduce costs and improve the reliability of lead free solder pastes. Our flux technology has enabled high yield production of 0.4 mm pitch chip scale packages (CSPs) and 0201/01005 passive components.

EB: With India being a price sensitive market, how are your products positioned in terms of price? Are they competitively priced to suit the budgets of Indian manufacturers?

Indium Corporation provides solders with the lowest cost of ownership. While we may not offer the lowest prices, our materials are able to reduce defects and increase process up-time.

EB: Do you face many challenges in India? How do you handle them?

Currently, the primary challenge in India is its rapid growth towards more complex electronics assembly. Our tech support team helps address this challenge by providing training seminars on process optimisation and miniaturisation.

EB: What is your marketing strategy in India?

Indium Corporation’s success is based on our global network of experts and partners—combined with a well informed and skilled local presence. We provide this same powerful service to the Indian market. Our world class R&D team responds to the inputs received from our customers. Our technical support staff shares state-of-the-art techniques and practices from around the world with our customers in India. We know Indian engineers demand proven, effective knowledge and experience, which we provide them.

EB: What are the current trends in the Indian soldering material markets?

The biggest trends in India with respect to soldering include a rapid move towards increased miniaturisation and a desire for lower cost soldering alloys.

EB: What are your future plans for India?

India will continue to be an important market for Indium Corporation. As the industry grows, Indium will continue to focus on ensuring the highest level of technical support. Indium will also continue to develop products for the specific needs of the market.



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