India and UK come together to promote solar energy


It now seems that India and the UK have joined forces to promote renewable energy. According to reports, the energy they are hoping to promote the most would be solar energy. The UK’s minister of state for climate change, Gregory Barker, said that India has been seen as a key strategic partner in the UK’s effort to tackle climate change.

Barker went on to say that there are many opportunities for the Indian and UK governments to work together. Both governments can help shoulder some of the load to bring renewable energy into the foreground. Both countries would like to see investors and businesses build up their confidence for the renewable-energy industry.

Many environmentalists, for the first time, agree with the government. They feel that climate change is a problem that has to be battled by more than just one country. In order to fix this problem, countries will have to work together. Regardless of how far apart the countries are, they can still work together to make renewable energy more practical for everyday use.

The Indian government announced that the UK will provide some 6 million pounds to help bring down the cost of solar power. This is also going to help unlock the private sector and funding for solar-energy projects in India.



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