India aims at 500 per cent increase in solar power generation


Friday, November 21, 2014: India is aiming to increase its current target of 20GW of solar power generation to 100GW by 2022, Piyush Goyal said while addressing an event in New Delhi. He said, “On the solar front, we believe there is enormous potential to take it to 100,000W in next 5-7 years.”

He further added that the renewable energy needs to be developed as self sustained industry instead of being dependent on government subsidies.

PM Narendra Modi led the way to solar power in Gujarat during his reign as the chief minister of the state, while encouraging different companies to build more than 900MW of solar power generation plant within just few years.

While commenting upon the solar power development Goyal said, “Once the development needs of a country are addressed, then talking about environment makes sense… We still have unsatiated needs for development and for roads and highways to come up.”