Impact of automation on Indian BPO exaggerated : KPMG



Kalpana B, head of robotics and cognitive automation at professional services firm KPMG India supposes that the upsurge concern over the impact of robotics and automation on India’s business process outsourcing industry may be fabricated.

By Baishakhi Dutta

Kalkpana suggested that it is highly important to change the way we serve skills for it cannot be expected that the level of skill served by us will be equal to the set of skills served by India.


She even concluded that even as certain tasks get replaced by a cognitive engine, the enterprise will still need an engineer to maintain that cognitive engine, which is where India could continue to play a role.

Kalpana segmented automation into three stratum – basic tasks like filling forms, tasks where machines can be reconfigured and entire processes such as HR and finance can be automated end to end, and finally cognitive automation.

She mentioned that KPMG is currently working with many clients including multinational banks to set up centers of excellence where they can test various technologies.



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