Hubject, Exicom Team Up To Boost EV Charging In India


The partnership will concentrate on Hubject’s Plug&Charge platform, aiming to establish a regional hub in India. This will facilitate the deployment of top-tier technology and assist local charging point operators in adhering to ISO15118 standards. The initiative’s objective is to launch fully automated charging features, introduce the first Plug&Charge standard in India, and position the country as a regional frontrunner in this technology, according to the company.

Hubject, a player in EV interoperability, has entered into a strategic partnership with Exicom, a manufacturer of EV chargers. Their collaboration will utilize Hubject’s advanced technology to improve the EV charging infrastructure in India. The goal is to make it easier for EV drivers to find and use charging stations more efficiently.

This partnership will centre around Hubject’s Plug&Charge platform, which aims to set up a regional hub in India that supports world-class technology and aids local charge point operators in complying with ISO15118 standards. The objective is to introduce fully automated charging capabilities and establish India’s first Plug&Charge standard, making the country a leader in this technology, the company announced. This standard will allow EV drivers in India to automatically connect and authenticate their vehicles with compatible charging points, thus bypassing the need for apps or RFID cards and simplifying the charging process.

Christian Hahn, CEO of Hubject, discussed the rapidly expanding EV market in India, highlighting that EV sales nearly doubled last year and are anticipated to increase by 66% this year. He pointed out that the strategic partnership with Exicom and the introduction of Hubject’s interchange platform are poised to support this growth by enhancing the reliability and convenience of the charging experience for EV drivers. He emphasized the importance of this initiative in motivating more Indian drivers to switch from fossil-fueled vehicles to EVs.

Hahn further stated that this partnership marks significant progress for Hubject, Exicom, and EV drivers in India and is in line with their strategic aim to deploy Plug&Charge globally.

Anant Nahata, CEO of Exicom, also addressed the collaboration, emphasizing the critical need to improve the reliability and seamlessness of EV charging in India. He explained that their partnership with Hubject is tailored to provide a frictionless charging experience for EV drivers. By setting up a central interoperability hub, they plan to streamline payment procedures and minimize the need for multiple wallets, thus improving the charging experience for EV users nationwide. Hubject’s interoperability technology simplifies the charging process, allowing drivers to locate, access, and pay for charging services through their preferred interfaces without the requirement for multiple memberships or payment methods.

This system allows drivers to switch between different charge point operators as seamlessly as mobile phone users switch networks. The ultimate aim is to make EV charging as simple and straightforward as refuelling a traditional vehicle with fossil fuels.


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