Highly optimised LED lighting chipset


In November 2011, ON Semiconductor introduced two new LED drivers to help designers optimise their solutions for automotive, industrial and general lighting applications.

Features and USP: The new power factor corrected (PFC) offline LED driver (the NCL30051), combined with the new NCL30160, which is a dimmable constant current step down (buck) LED driver, provides a good solution for high brightness LED driver applications where space is limited and efficiency is important.

The NCL30051 is a dedicated LED power supply integrated circuit (IC) capable of delivering a constant voltage to a step down DC-DC converter or LED drivers. The device, which combines a critical conduction mode (CrM), a PFC controller and a half bridge resonant controller with a built-in 600 volt (V) driver, is optimised for offline power supply applications. It has all the features needed to implement highly efficient, small form factor designs. The NCL30160, a switching regulator for high power LEDs, takes the constant voltage delivered by the NCL30051 enabled power supply and steps down the voltage to provide a constant current across the LED string. Solutions with up to 98 per cent efficiency are achieved by utilising the low 55 milliohm (mΩ) internal MOSFET, which also ensures the ability to operate at a 100 per cent duty cycle.

For further details: Arrow Electronics India Private Ltd, Bengaluru; 91 80 4135 3800; [email protected]; www.arrowasia.com. For more details on distributors, visit www.onsemi.com



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