Green power UPS systems


In November 2011, Socomec launched its Green Power (GP) 2.0 UPS range—available from 10 kW to 400 kW.

Features and USP: The Green Power (GP) 2.0 UPS range has been developed to meet the increasing needs of data centre operators and to directly address major concerns including fast return on investment, future proof designs, guaranteed 24/7 uptime, environmentally friendly solutions and premium support services. With a true unity output power factor (PF=1), the GP 2.0 provides users with full-rated power (kW=kVA) supporting full loads of up to 35°C in accordance with IEC 62040-3; it provides 25 per cent more power compared to UPS systems with a PF=0.8 and 11 per cent more power compared to UPS systems with a PF=0.9. The unity power factor has the added benefit of enabling the GP 2.0 to deliver more power from the same sized cabinet. Providing the highest power densities available in the industry—up to 358 kW/m2—the GP2.0 is as efficient on space as it is on energy.

For further details: Ph: +91 44 39215423, Mob: +91 9790968731; [email protected]

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