Govt may ban e-waste import


The government is considering banning the import of used computers and other electronic waste coming primarily from developed nations such as US, Australia, Canada and parts of Europe. E-waste is being dumped in the country by developing nations using loopholes in domestic rules which allow NGOs and educational institutions to import such gadgets freely on the pretext of donations. Disposal of e-waste often leads to emission of dangerous gases like in the process of recovery of copper from e-waste dioxins are released in the environment. Toxic cyanide is released in the process of extraction of yellow metal from electrical waste and computer components.

Environmental agencies worldwide estimate dumping of e-waste in India is likely to go up by 500 per cent in the next 10 years. Already, environment bodies estimate India generates nearly 400,000 tonnes of e-waste annually which is likely to double in the next few years. The country, however, lacks effective disposal mechanism.



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