Government looking at ways to use IoT for waste management


The government is planning solutions and devices for waste management using internet of things (IoT). The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is examining a proposal to use IoT for waste management as part of its Smart City programme.

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Ashish Gulati, country head, Telit India informs that for Smart City programme to flourish, waste management would play an important role. In waste disposal, technologies like IoT can help the city administration in controlling the amount of waste that is disposed at regular intervals, thereby avoiding build-up.

IoT solutions and devices for waste management revolve around two main benefits: determining the best time to collect waste and figuring out what route trucks should follow. These two advantages can reduce the time it takes to address potential waste build-up problems.

An urban IoT can provide means to monitor the quality of the air in crowded areas, parks, or fitness trails. Gulati further mentions that the realisation of such a service requires that air quality and pollution sensors be deployed across the city and the sensor data be made publicly available to citizens.

According to IT ministry official, the potential of the technology for waste management will be discussed with the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) soon.

By Baishakhi Dutta


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