GlacialLight's LED bulbs


In April this year, GlacialLight announced that its BR30 and BR40 TRIAC dimmable and non dimmable canopus series of LED bulbs received CETL certification.

Features and USP: The BR30 and BR40 LED bulbs are designed to fit E26/E27 sockets and come in two separate models—one for low voltage (90-132 V) applications and the other for high voltage (180-264 V) applications. They are available with and without the TRIAC dimming functionality and are designed for easy installation, a long life span of at least 35,000 hours, and high power efficiency. They provide users with a three year warranty. The canopus series of bulbs are available with a bright 6000K CCT or softer 3000K CCT and are designed for indoor use. The BR30D uses efficient 9-piece LEDs with a typical power consumption of 12W. The BR40D uses 14-piece LEDs with a typical power consumption of 18W. These high performance LED bulbs provide 83 per cent savings in energy costs. The price of the BR 30D and BR 40D are Rs 2000 and Rs 2850, respectively.

For further details: Lotus Insulation Services, Suhas Kalekar, E1/201,Rajyog Township, PO,06-1011, Behind Lokmat Press, Lagad-Mala, Sinhagad Road, Pune 411041; Ph: 09822793950; Email: [email protected], [email protected]




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