Gabriel India Advances Into E-Bikes And Solar Dampers With Suspension Expertise


Gabriel India is venturing into new territories with e-bikes and solar dampers, utilizing its expertise in suspension technology.

Gabriel India is delving into innovative applications within its established suspension expertise by exploring the realms of e-bikes and solar dampers.

During an investor call, Manoj Kolhatkar, Managing Director of Gabriel India, revealed that his team traveled to Taiwan to delve into e-bike technologies and consult with specialists, given that such expertise is currently unavailable in India. He said that they have developed the product, and it has been well received by the customers.

The company is also investigating the use of solar dampers, essential for stabilizing solar panel trackers.

However, Kolhatkar noted the challenges of converting these innovations into significant revenue streams within the current year, that they are still targeting some very minor sales this year for these two products.

These initiatives are part of Gabriel’s broader strategy to position itself among the top five shock absorber manufacturers globally by 2025. This ambitious goal is supported by leveraging innovative technologies, along with focusing on exports, establishing a dominant presence in the domestic market, and pursuing mergers and acquisitions.

Gabriel India, the flagship company of the ANAND Group, proudly serves over 50 OEM customers and has provided more than 500 product models. The company boasts an impressive production rate of two shock absorbers per second.


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