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All India Manufacturers Organisation (AIMO), an apex organisation of manufacturers, is recognised as an effective spokesperson of the industry and business by the Central and state governments. Amit Kumar Sen, president, AIMO, speaks to Jesus Milton Rousseau S. of Electronics Bazaar about the organisation and its activities.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009: EB: What is the vision and mission of AIMO? When was it established?

AIMO was established in 1941 by Bharat Ratna Dr M. Visvesvaraya. It aims to see the prosperity of the manufacturers through its mission of “prosperity through industry.”

EB: What are the services that AIMO offers its members?

AIMO assists its members in resolving problems that confront them and providing guidance in matters they require. AIMO also takes up their problems with the concerned authorities and arranges to get relief for genuine difficulties. It organises periodical meetings, seminars and symposiums on subjects of topical importance and training workshops for participants. It also organises dialogue meetings with government authorities, prepares and publishes periodical information bulletins like newsletter/news and notes, directory, etc. AIMO also extends library facilities to its members.

EB: Can you tell us something about the events and programmes that AIMO conducts regularly?

The events and programmes we conduct are quite successful and generate income for the organisation. We have always believed in organising such events where our members can gain benefits through their participation.

EB: What are the challenges AIMO faces? What efforts have been made to meet these challenges?

AIMO faces problems in generating finance. Efforts have been made to meet these challenges but with limited success. We are trying our best to overcome this problem.

EB: What are your achievements?

AIMO is recognised by the Government of India and is represented on over 100 advisory committees and councils set up by the Central and state governments and is also consulted on economic and policy planning issues. AIMO has the unique honour of hosting visits and meetings with highly distinguished national leaders. Their views and advice have, in turn, helped AIMO in propagating rapid and qualitative industrialisation of the country through successive Five Year Plans.

EB: How many members does AIMO have? How can one become a member of AIMO?

AIMO has about 500 members all over India with 10 state/regional boards to cater to the regional needs of the members. One can become a member of AIMO through registration of its membership by completing an application form duly proposed and signed and approved by the working committee of AIMO.

EB: Whom to contact for any queries or doubts?

Queries or doubts can be addressed to K.K. Malvankar, assistant executive director, AIMO, 4th Floor, Jeevan Sahakar, Sir P.M. Road, Mumbai 400 001; Phone: 022-22661272/1016; E-mail: [email protected]; website:

Office-bearers of AIMO

Amit Kumar Sen, president, AIMO, East India Pharmaceutical Works Ltd

Jagdish P. Todi, senior vice-president, AIMO, Incotex

Subhrothee Dey, zonal vice-president, Eastern Zone, Deys Medical Stores Mfg Pvt Ltd

Sudarshan Sareen, zonal vice-president, Northern Zone, D.H.P. Regional Board of AIMO

N. Tarachand Dugar, zonal vice-president, Southern Zone, Dugar Group of Companies

Murlidhar K. Jalan, zonal vice-president, Mumbai Zone, Vini Export Pvt Ltd

Nitin Goel, treasurer, AIMO, Schokhi Industrial (P) Ltd

G. Ramanand, secretary, AIMO, Nirkon International Ltd

Sujit Das, secretary, AIMO, Universal Drug House (P) Ltd

Babulal B. Todi, past president, AIMO, Shri Vinayaka Products Pvt Ltd

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